Recruitment Fraud Warning

It has come to our attention that various individuals and organizations have contacted people with fraudulent job opportunities and offers at Think Biosolution. These fraudulent claims often result in attempts to extract money or information from the intended victims.

We have informed the appropriate legal authorities and these incidents are being investigated. In case you are contacted by someone that you feel does not represent Think Biosolution, please email with any details you can provide about such incidents, including a copy of the original email or communication received by you.

This will help us protect both you and Think Biosolution from these malicious parties. Please do not provide any personal or financial information and do not send any money to anyone you may suspect of recruitment fraud.

Some signs of recruitment fraud

  • The initial communication is unsolicited
  • The “recruiter” does not provide any information on why you were contacted
  • The email does not come from an official email address.
  • The candidate is asked for financial or personal information that is not relevant
  • The recruitment process does not guide you to a job listing on Think Biosolution’s website or official social media

What you should do

  • Please do not respond to any such unsolicited or suspicious communication
  • Please report all such scams to local law enforcement
  • Please do not disclose any personal or financial information
  • Please do not send any money to people offering you such a job
  • Stop communicating with any such entity you may believe to be fraudulent
  • Please forward any communication you may believe to be fraudulent to