At-home COVID-19 Monitoring Platform

Easy to deploy, end-to-end platform for remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients

Customized Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Platforms for Telehealth Enterprises and Provider Organizations

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Three remote patient monitoring platforms that help doctors visualize clinically relevant parameters


An end-to-end RPM platform which includes a finger-based pulse oximeter, Phone App, HIPAA Compliant Cloud and web based dashboard. The dashboard includes early warning scores for COVID-19 screening.

At-home Continuous Monitoring Platform

An end-to-end RPM platform which includes the QuasaRâ„¢ Device, Phone App, HIPAA Compliant Cloud and EHR integrated dashboard. The dashboard automatically tags and summarizes stress and clinical events.

At-home Geriatric Care Platform

This platform is an advanced version of the At-home Continuous Monitoring Platform with built in medication alerts, geo-fencing and fall-detection.

Structured Partnership Process

Integrating a RPM solution can be complex process for your team. Our structured partnership process makes integration easy while letting you evaluate it at every step.