QuasaR™ - Wearable IoT devices powered by AI algorithms

We build privately labelled wearable devices that integrate within your regular apparel, and combine biometric data with body movement to actively monitor and improve health and fitness.

Fasttrack your brand in the health monitoring and smart apparel industry

Using QuasaR™ devices, professional athlete monitoring platforms can now empower coaches in making informed decisions using the real time movement and biometric data of participating athletes.

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Using QuasaR™ devices or platform, telehealth platforms can now empower doctors to make informed decisions based on patients’ biometric and movement data, and evolve to a more involved clinical experience.

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Using QuasaR™ platform, sports apparel brands can design their own smart apparel, for amateur athletes who want to build their endurance in the shortest amount of time.

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Brand new technology with market leading accuracy

QuasaR™ Sensor​ – Our patent pending technology
measures Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate
and Blood Oxygen Saturation with medical grade accuracy.

QuasaR™ Device​ – The robust and waterproof device houses
QuasaR™ Sensor, with additional temperature and
motion sensing capabilities (GPS and Bluetooth enabled).

QuasaR™ AI powered haptic engine – (inside QuasaR™ Device)
Helps achieve cardiac and aerobic endurance, in the
shortest amount of time, without getting exhausted.
The haptic feedback, makes the user run at the lowest speed where they get their highest heart rate and SpO2.

The device can worn on the body using either of the two systems:

  • QuasaR™ Strap (Patented Technology for users to wear QuasaR™ Device on upper sternum)
  • QuasaR™ Apparel (Custom apparel with the partner’s logo that fits on the top of the QuasaR™ Strap)
QuasaR™ SDK – Helps our partner’s platform get a
continuous stream of live stream of biometric data and movement from each user.

QuasaR™ App – Helps users to visualise and actively monitor their
own biometric data, and track endurance. Also their
coaches/doctors can visualise aggregated biometric
data, and track endurance.

QuasaR™ Dashboard – Helps our partners visualise and actively monitor their users’ engagement.