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Our Software Platforms for Telehealth

Continuous Monitoring Platform

Periodically tracks patient’s vitals and motion, and the dashboard automatically tags and summarises clinically important events (Such as a sudden increase or decrease in heart rate).

Stress Management Platform

In addition to tracking the patient’s vitals and motion, the dashboard automatically tags and summarises stress events.

Care Platform

In addition to tracking the patient’s vitals, motion and location, the caregiver can use the dashboard to set up reminders for the patient to exercise or to take their daily medication. This platform can also alert care providers when the patient slips and falls.

FeatureContinuous Monitoring Stress Management        Care Platform       
Heart Rate
Heart Rate Variability
Respiratory Rate
Blood Oxygen Saturation
Type of Movement
Core Body Temperature
Continuous Stress
Overall Stress
Medication Alert
Posture Correction Alert
Fall Detection

Structured Partnership Process

We understand that integrating a wearable device to your platform can be a complex process for your technical team as well as the management. Our structured partnership process makes integration easy while letting you evaluate it at every step.