QuasaR™ is the most accurate optical biometric sensor in the the market

Our wearable device uses the QuasaR™ sensor, and tracks more health and fitness parameters than anyone else in the marketplace

Sensor - Our patent pending technology measures Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory Rate and Blood Oxygen Saturation with medical grade accuracy.

Device - Contains the QuasaR™ Sensor, temperature sensor, 9DoF motion sensor, GPS and Bluetooth.

AI powered haptic engine - Combines biometric and movement data to give real time vibrations based feedback.

Strap - Patented strap system for wearing QuasaR™ Device.

Apparel - Apparel with the partner’s branding fits on the top of the QuasaR™ strap system.

SDK - Helps our partner’s platform get a continuous live stream of biometric data and movement from each user.

App - Helps users to visualise and actively monitor their own biometric data, and track endurance. Also their coaches/doctors can visualise aggregated data.

Dashboard - Helps our partners actively track users’ engagement.


Technical Papers

Algorithms for Monitoring Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate From the Video of a User’s Face
IEEE Journal of Translational Engineering in Health and Medicine, 2018