Smart Apparel


“The future of wearables is in your clothes.” The Wall Street Journal.

Are you ready for the future?

Our easy to integrate smart apparel solution will put you ahead of your competitors, who are still battling with special fabric based smart apparel.
We partner with the world’s leading sports apparel brands, and help them build brand loyalty using real-time coaching to enhance their users’ performance.

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How do we partner?

We are an original device manufacturer providing wearable device and platform as a service. We have a 3 step partnership process, where we focus on building the best product for your customers through intensive testing


We turn your best selling sports apparel line into a smart apparel, using a single integration step.


We test the user experience of the smart apparel with real world users, and summarize the test results.

Trial Launch

We go into a trial launch with a single product line for selected store locations.