Easy to deploy, end-to-end platform for remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients

The ‘COVID-19 Monitoring Platform’ helps provider organizations to deliver an end-to-end patient monitoring program for at-risk, suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients, particularly for older people or people with comorbidities.


AUTOMATED TRIAGING : Our COVID-19 Early Warning Score (C19EWS) is a better predictor for COVID-19 than early warning scores like ROX and INEWS (AUROC of 0.85 vs 0.77 and 0.73). We are the only platform with automated triaging capabilities.

CUSTOMISABLE & INTEROPERABLE : Connects with existing EHR. For Assisted Living Facilities our platform is already integrated with PointClickCare EHR

WORKLOAD MANAGEMENT & RELIABLE HANDOVER : Provide assisted living/skilled nursing facility administrators real-time updates about capacity, condition and overdue tasks. Seamless patient handover from facility administrators to doctors, by enabling the fluid flow of patient summary information alongside deeper data layers, metric and charts for enhanced real-time analysis.

FDA CDSS & HIPAA COMPLIANT :  Complex safety, encryption and authentication measures meet or exceed all FDA CDSS and HIPAA requirements

Patient’s App and Device

Clinician’s Dashboard for Care Pathway Recommendation

    Clinician’s Guide