Predict and delay the onset of co-morbid chronic conditions using Remote Patient Monitoring

Our comorbid care platform’s unique advantage is that our platform will already monitor the onset of new chronic conditions when patients start using QuasaR™ for managing a single chronic condition. This will enable triaging across multiple departments using our single platform.

What is QuasaR™?

QuasaR™ is the Swiss army knife of point of care devices and can measure the maximum number of biometrics using a single device (heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation, blood pressure, movement, location, temperature, haptic alert)

Co-Morbid Chronic Care using QuasaR™



  • Decrease length of hospital stay by delaying severe symptoms
  • Manage escalation of existing chronic conditions


  • Increase patient referrals due to earlier detection of multiple chronic conditions
  • Increase patient retention by increasing inter-departmental referrals
  • Providers in USA can earn $3,563.69 per patient/year using CPT codes for co-morbid chronic care


  • Reduce cost of care by delaying severe symptoms
  • Reduce cost of care by reducing number of GP visits